Taurus December 2010

Taurus December 2010: "2010 is drawing to a close, finally! Venus, your ruler, has spent a long time in the sign Scorpio, and in early January it changes sign and moves into Sagittarius. So December is another month where you’re likely to be very reliant on other people. Indeed it’ll seem that whatever you do, you’ll need outside help, and when you’re on your own you might be at a loss what to do.

However you really should avoid placing too much trust in any one person. Not everyone is reliable, and if you take things at face value then you could be let down in a big way.
From the point of view of close relationships, it looks like being a good month. Relationships will form very quickly and romance could move to the top of the agenda. But just because relationships can be formed doesn’t mean that they should be formed. You could so easily get yourself into a situation that you live to regret, and under these circumstances it might be best if your put your love life on hold, until early next year."

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