Gemini December 2010

Gemini December 2010: "It’s a time of year when many Geminis have to deal with other people, and relationships are often difficult to avoid. Also, it can be hard to take solo initiatives, because without some outside help it can be impossible to make a mark.

This whole situation becomes very clear at the time of the New Moon, on December 5. A new tide starts entering into your various relationships, and you’ll want to make adjustments to the way you treat other people.
So if you’re already in a relationship, and you’re not happy with the way things are going, you can make some changes. But it works both ways. Geminis are capable of being very selfish, and the New Moon might encourage your partner to put their foot down.
If you’re a single Gemini, then a new relationship is a distinct possibility. You should be looking out for someone who is larger than life, who has a spontaneous, quick-fire sense of humour. If he or she likes travelling, so much the better."

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