Aries September 2010

Over the Summer (or Winter, if you live in the Southern Hemisphere) you’ve become aware of new opportunities, and quite naturally you want to make the most of them.
However at the beginning of September Jupiter moves out of Aries, and as a result your power-levels might subside. So it’s important that you understand the situation, and that you make sure that your plans for the future are manageable.
At the same time, you should be aware that for most of the month both the Sun and Mercury are in Virgo. In the Aries horoscope the sign Virgo is associated with organisation, and you’ll be called on to make sure that every aspect of your life is in good order. It might be boring, but by performing routine tasks you’ll be saving yourself a lot of trouble in the near future.
I should also say that if in the recent past you’ve tried to do a particular task, and failed, then it’s worth giving it another go, especially from September 12 or 13 onwards. Things will have definitely changed and what used to be difficult will become surprisingly easy.
On September 14 or 15 the planet Mars moves from Libra to Scorpio. Mars is your ruling planet, and overall this movement is going to be favourable. As a person you’ll become much stronger and you’ll be able to harness your emotional power, so as to achieve optimal results.
In terms of relationships, Mars’ entry into Scorpio is going to make you a lot more passionate than usual, and there’ll be something about your personality that’s quite compelling. However if you do get involved in a relationship in late September, there’ll be nothing trivial about it, and it won’t be a situation where you can ‘take it or leave it’.
Continuing on the theme or relationships, on September 23 there’s a Full Moon, across the main axis of your solar chart. There could be some major revelations. Perhaps you’ll understand the truth about someone – or they’ll discover the truth about you. The truth can be painful, but it can also be very healthy, because you can start making decisions on the basis of fact rather than fantasy.
The Full Moon is not just about romance. It could affect any kind of partnership that you’re involved in. So if you’re working with another person, or considering working with them, it might be best to not make final decisions until the New Moon on October 7.

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