Taurus September 2010

When doing star sign forecasts, astrologers pay close attention to the ruling planet – which means the planet ruling your star sign. And the ruler of Taurus is Venus.
At the moment, from the Earth’s point of view, the planet Venus is starting to slow down. Also, on September 8, Venus moves into a Scorpio, the sign of its detriment. It’s therefore important that you accept the situation. You’re not going to be on best form, and in competitive situations your performance could be below par.
Under these circumstances, I would suggest that in the first week of September you make hay while the sun’s still shining, and that you ensure that everything is properly sorted out.
After September 8, other people will have an increasing amount of power, and you might have to take a back seat role. While you might find the situation rather humiliating, in some ways it’s a relief. Not having to make big decisions, and instead letting other people take the risks.
This means that in terms of relationships, it’s time to let your partner call the shots. They really are in a stronger position than you, especially from September 14 onwards, when Mars also goes into Scorpio. And if you’re looking for someone new, there’s no need to be too pushy; just be yourself, and let the other person make the arrangements.
Yet I must give one word or warning. If you’re dealing with people you don’t trust, whether in your love life or in business, you must immediately distance yourself from them. You can’t argue with them, you can’t persuade them, and if you stay close to them for too long they could end up convincing you that 2 + 2 = 5. And once the maths is wrong disaster beckons.
On a more positive note, your communication skills are going to be good, especially in mid-September, when Mercury aspects Venus. You’ll have no problems explaining yourself, and your telephone manner will be excellent. Furthermore, if someone’s got a problem, you can make them feel better. I suppose it’s because you’ll be more sensitive than usual, and at the same time you’ll be able to express your feelings and intuitions.
Finally, this month you have a chance to reconnect with your friends. Perhaps you lost touch with them over the Summer (Winter in the Southern Hemisphere), and with a change of season comes a change of attitude. And it seems that a couple of your friends can be very lucky for you.

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