Suzanne Lie: 2:00 am Message

By Dr Suzan Caroll / Suzanne Lie – September 18, 2012

Dear Arcturians,
I woke up at 2:00am last night feeling the “landings” so strongly. I could feel your presence as if you were in the room. Then I began to worry whether or not I had done everything I was supposed to and if the groups were all prepared. I was awake for an hour or more. Can you please assist me in understanding what was going on with me? Maybe I was just responding to my last blog about the visit to the Mothership.

Dear Suzille,
Are you questioning your experience, for if you are then you will be quite confused as our plans progress. It is vital that you trust your instincts and listen to what you hear inside. Doubt will be your worst enemy for it is an open door to fear. Therefore, our dear Ascending One, can you allow yourself to trust what you have heard inside?

In fact, you have been totally trusting your information and dispensing it for all to see. However, this message is different because it is something that can be proved wrong. This could be yet another false alarm. How many times have you heard from others that Disclosure would happen at a given date?
However, we did not say anything about Disclosure, nor did we give any date. Furthermore, have you ever gained the information about our landings inside of yourself before? No, you did not. Therefore, there are many unique elements to this situation that you have not experienced before.

Most unique of all is that you have no fear. You also have no excitement. In fact, you have no real emotions about your message. However, there is a low-grade discomfort that is intermingled with a feeling of hope and distant joy. Dare you believe that it could really happen? Dare you believe that all that you have worked on for over 40 years could finally be coming to pass?

We ask you these questions, for if you doubt your perceptions, you will not be able to remain connected to the reality that you were perceiving. You are perceiving a reality in which Earth truly does come into a peaceful transition. You are thinking of a reality in which the Galactics, ourselves, could land on your planet and share our gifts of Wisdom, Power and Love.

You were experiencing the reality in which you easily slipped into the fifth dimensional New Earth of which you have been dreaming, writing and experiencing. Yes, you have been experiencing patches of New Earth intermingled with your daily 3D life. There have been a few moments in which you can feel your SELF.

There have been adventures in which you KNOW that what you receive in your writings is REAL. Unfortunately, too often the journey up into the higher frequencies of your expression crash down into the abyss of the third dimension. Within that crash you find a component of yourself that is still afraid, suspicious and angry.

Will that clearing ever be complete? The answer is: “Not until you shed your Earthen shell.” As long as you are limited by the illusions that run ramped in your reality, you will have to keep constant surveillance on your thoughts and emotions. This constant surveillance is vital. As you move into the fifth dimensional frequency of reality, your every thought and emotion will become alive.

Therefore, Self Mastering is your primary task at this moment of the NOW. It does not matter if you are right or wrong, for in the multidimensional reality that you are entering there is no difference between good and bad because there are no polarities in which to measure those extremes.

It is important that you believe that you are resonating to the fifth dimension more and more each day. You must also remember that ALL your preparations are complete. There is no judgment in the fifth dimension. There are no good or bad scores. There is only the unconditional love that you felt this morning. The concern that you also felt was an illusion.

You ARE a Lightbody and you ARE an active member of a fifth dimensional society that exists within the NOW. Hence, there was no beginning for this world and there will be no ending. Find your Core again and again, so that you may be the Master of your energy field.

If you get too tired, remember to take a nap or go to bed so that you can visit us in your fourth dimensional body. Allow yourself to dream of HOME.

We will meet you in the fourth dimension.

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