Pisces July 2011

Pisces July 2011: "You can draw on a deep reserve of energy during the first half of this month, enabling you to manage a variety of stressful situations that interrupt your summer fun. Be prepared to shift into a lower gear to regain emotional control when mature Saturn squares an insecure Cancer Solar Eclipse on July 1.
This New Moon Eclipse in your 5th House of Love and Play advises caution and common sense when it comes to expressing what’s in your heart. But your current ability to practice self-restraint is tested on July 4. Your fantasies can overtake reality as amorous Venus trines supernatural Neptune and enters your 5th House.
Mischievous Mercury’s unbalanced square to excessive Jupiter on July 5 urges you to take things too far. But on July 6, energetic Mars in your 4th House of Roots forms an effective trine with orderly Saturn, allowing you to, once again, establish equilibrium between your desires and ambitions.

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