Capricorn July 2011

Capricorn July 2011: "This busy month fills your days with a variety of activities, interesting people, and unexpected twists and turns that test your ability to manage everything. The bustle begins right away on July 1 with an emotional Cancer Solar Eclipse in your 7th House of Others, indicating trouble from an overly sensitive friend or partner.

Because this New Moon Eclipse squares dutiful Saturn in your 10th House of Status, you must choose between helping someone in need and following through with job-related responsibilities. Don’t ignore your personal commitments, even if your professional standing is at stake.
Relationship tensions dissipate on July 4 when sweet Venus forms a gentle trine with spiritual Neptune. Circumstances at work improve by July 6 as indefatigable Mars in your 6th House of Employment harmoniously trines Saturn, giving you the energy to execute your sound strategy. You will need the drive and stamina you receive from confident Jupiter’s trine to powerful Pluto on July 7, because tense aspects from romantic Venus on July 7-8 and July 13 stir up more relationship drama."

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