Libra December 2010

Libra December 2010: "Venus, your ruler, is in Scorpio, and it stays in Scorpio throughout December. Indeed it doesn’t leave Scorpio until January.
You therefore have to be very careful about money, especially as it’s the Christmas season. Your understanding of your own finances might be less than perfect, and you could spend money that you can’t reasonably afford.

Also, if you’re having financial problems – and let’s face it, many of us are – it might be difficult for you to discuss these problems. Perhaps you’ll be embarrassed at other people’s reactions. Or you’ll just be plain secretive. However in most cases it’s best to be honest and open, because if you act quickly, the most difficult problems can usually be solved.
Also, you should resist the temptation to be generous. You don’t have to buy everyone you know expensive presents, and you don’t have to splash out on lavish celebrations. I know, there’s pressure from family and friends, but it’s better to be solvent than popular."

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