Pisces September 2010

Some big changes are under way, and you might find that you’re shifting up and down gears at regular intervals. And it might be that other people have a big role to play.

This has a lot to do with the season. For much of September the Sun is moving through libra, your opposite sign, and it’s a time of year when other people are difficult to avoid. In particular, there may be one-to-one partnerships that require careful attention.
On September 8 there’s a New Moon, in libra. At this stage there could be some interesting happenings, that play themselves out over the following fortnight. New people could enter your life, and if you’re already involved in a relationship then you and your partner might want to branch out, in new directions.
Also on September 8, or September 9, depending on your time zone, Jupiter goes into Pisces. This is good news. Jupiter is the planet of good luck, and between now and the beginning of 2011 you’re going to be luckier than average. So if you feel that you missed an opportunity earlier in the year you’ll have at least one more chance to take advantage of it.
Jupiter’s movement into Pisces could also be good for your career. You’ll be enthusiastic about what you’re doing, and your colleagues and work-mates are going to really appreciate your presence.
On September 18 or 19 Jupiter makes a conjunction to Uranus. This conjunction gives you the opportunity to catch everyone by surprise, to do something that’s truly original. However make sure that you don’t take things too far – with the wrong move you could create a minor earthquake, that could hurt everyone’s interests, including yours.
As you move into late September the situation becomes increasingly unstable, and it’ll be difficult to know what’s going on – unless you make a special effort to listen to your feelings. However once you understand the surrounding chaos you’ll be in a position to benefit from it.
So stay calm, Pisces, and stay lucky!

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