Scorpio December 2010

Scorpio December 2010: "Throughout December, Venus is moving through your star sign. So your people skills are going to be excellent and if there’s something you want then you just have to ask. In fact, you probably don’t have to ask. You’ll have a brooding charisma, and through sheer willpower you can make things happen.

However with power comes responsibility. You have to consider whether you’re taking people in the right direction, and whenever you give advice, you must carefully consider the consequences. This is particularly the case if you’re in a position of leadership – if things go wrong, you’ll have to take responsibility.
Moving to money, and on December 5 there’s a New Moon, in the finance sector of your solar chart. As a result of this New Moon, you might start having an adventurous approach to money, and you might see some tempting short cuts. However if you take risks you’re making yourself a hostage to fortune, and you could slowly but surely get yourself into trouble."

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