Aquarius December 2010

Aquarius December 2010: "Let’s start off with your career. Throughout December Venus is moving through the career sector of your solar chart. As a result, your career could take up a lot of your time, but perhaps for the wrong reasons. Colleagues and workmates might demand your attention, and nothing much will be achieved. Watch out in particular for young women who take themselves and their feelings too seriously.

So if you want to get anything done in your career, it’s important you set the agenda, and that you don’t allow yourself to be side-tracked. Nonetheless, you’ll have a chance to make some useful contacts, that could turn into firm friendships early next year.
On December 5 there’s a New Moon. This New Moon looks fortunate. You can focus on the future, and if there’s something you want, then you can find a way of getting it. However you must be careful what you wish for. Something you thought was a good idea could prove to be too much to handle."

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