Capricorn December 2010

Capricorn December 2010: "It’s a rather contradictory month. There’s a lot of activity in the sign Sagittarius, and in the Capricorn horoscope it’s a sign that’s fairly introspective. While other people are out enjoying themselves, you’ll want to retreat into your private world, and do things your way. So in the run up to Christmas, you probably won’t be in the mood for wild partying.

Furthermore, the New Moon on December 5 could be connected with secretive activities, that you don’t want anyone else to be involved with. You need to be doing your own research, and the only person who knows which way things are going will be you yourself.
However just after the New Moon, on December 7 or 8, Mars moves into Capricorn, your star sign. In the jargon, Mars is exalted in this sign, so all of a sudden you’re going to be in a very strong position. You’ll be powerfully placed, and if you’re involved in an argument or a competition there’s an excellent chance that you’ll come out the winner."

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