Pisces December 2010

Pisces December 2010: "It’s a month when Pisceans have to be very disciplined – it’s certainly not a time for laziness and it’s important that you don’t get side-tracked by the Christmas festivities.

To be more specific, on December 5 there’s a New Moon, in the career sector of your solar chart. So in terms of business, you can start afresh, and start focusing on brand new projects. In the process, it’s important that you’re ambitious. Think about what might be possible, in a perfect world. Right now you might not have the resources, but sooner or later you can get hold of them.
In this light, you shouldn’t restrict yourself to a single approach, and you should consider things that are outside your normal experience. Indeed some of the answers that you’re looking for might be in a foreign country – you can either visit this country, if you’ve got the opportunity, or else make contact by means of email or telephone."

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