Gemini September 2010

Regardless of your star sign, September is going to be a tough month, with plenty of surprises. So it’s important that you’re ready for anything, and that whatever you’re doing, you’ve got a standby plan.
However some signs are going to be better placed than others, and most Geminis are going to be more than ready to deal with ongoing challenges.
You’re helped by the face that throughout September Mercury, your ruling planet, is moving through Virgo, a sign that it functions very well in. Your brain will be on brilliant form, and at the same time you’ll be very grounded. So if things go wrong you’re unlikely to panic, and your unflustered problem-solving can achieve amazing results.
However it’s important that you know your limits, and that you don’t stray too far from the beaten path. Stick to what you know, and steer clear of anything that’s too exotic.
On September 8 or 9 the planet Jupiter moves into the career sector of your solar chart, where it stays until the beginning of next year. This is good news. You have a chance to really make the most of your potential, and in the last months of 2010 your career prospects will go up in leaps and bounds. You start cautiously, but you finish like a firework!
As you move into the middle of September the overall picture steadily improves. You become more decisive, and with Mercury making a favourable aspect to Venus, you’ll be able to make friends very easily.
Not surprisingly, the Mercury-Venus aspect could give a boost to your love life. You’ll know how to charm and entice just about everyone you meet, and your soft, silky words can open many doors.
On September 23 there’s a Full Moon. This Full Moon focuses on your fundamental talents. You’ll realise that you’ve got some important skills, that can’t be compromised. But not everyone will appreciate these skills, and under these circumstances you might have to change some of your friends. If someone doesn’t understand you, are they really worth bothering with?
During the last week or so of September your sense of humour is on great form, and your jokes and stories will go down a treat. It’s because content and presentation will be in harmony with each other, and the delivery of your punchline will be near-perfect.

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