Libra September 2010

September is an important month for Librans. It’s a time of change, when you have to start upping the pace.
And you’ll perhaps want to make up for lost time, in the sense that August may not have been particularly productive, and you’re feeling a bit guilty about it.
So at the beginning of September you should try to establish your presence. This isn’t just about hard work. It’s about going out into the world, and meeting new people. These people might not be interesting, but they’ll certainly be useful.
And from a career point of view, this month you’ll perhaps feel for the first time the impact of Saturn moving into your star sign. This sign change happened at the end of July, but if you’re a Northern Hemisphere Libra then the Summer holidays may have prevented you from tuning into Saturn’s full power.
So what does it mean? You’ll be more focused and more disciplined, and you’ll be able to accomplish a great deal very quickly.
On September 8 or 9 Jupiter moves from Aries to Pisces. Recently you might have taken the view that with other people’s help you could achieve wonders. You now realise that the only person you can trust is you yourself. And through self-reliance, and a rigid attention to detail, you can slowly but surely reach your targets.
Also on September 8 Venus, your ruler, moves from Libra to Scorpio. This sign-change puts the emphasis fairly and squarely on money. It becomes clear that you haven’t got all the money in the world, that some of your expenditure needs to be paired back. You don’t want to do it, but you know you have to.
In mid-September Mercury makes a favourable aspect to Venus. You and someone else have a powerful connection, that’s difficult to put into words. Perhaps we’re dealing with something that exists on a mainly telepathic level? But with shared thoughts comes the possibility of a new closeness, that might have romantic implications.
On Septemer 23 there’s a Full Moon, which immediately follows the Autumnal Equinox. It’s a powerful time for Librans. Not only is the Sun moving into your star sign, but a new energy is moving into your life. You’ll see the world clearly, perhaps for the first time, and you’ll reach some important conclusions about your life and your destiny. Some of your relationships could be affected in a big way, but whatever happens, it’s all for the best.

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