Virgo September 2010

Overall it’s a good month. Mercury, your ruling planet, continues its movement through your star sign, and as a result your intellectual capacities will be on great form.
At the same time, your verbal skills will be excellent, and if you’re involved in an argument you’re almost certain to be the winner.
You’ll also benefit from Jupiter’s movement into Pisces, your opposite sign, which happens on September 8 or 9. Other people are going to be very lucky for you, and in most cases you can trust them to come up with the goods. Though don’t be afraid of listening to your feelings – you can sense something that other people miss.
As far as your career is concerned, you seem to know what’s going on, and you’re also very realistic. You understand that everything takes time, and that on the spot initiatives are unlikely to work. Indeed you should avoid taking large-scale initiatives before September 12 or 13.
From the point of view of your love life, the middle of September could bring some new opportunities, thanks to a favourable aspect between Mercury and Venus. Someone out there will find you very attractive, and they’ll want to get to know you a whole lot better. Yet the thing that makes you stand out isn’t your appearance, it’s your confident way of communicating. Hear that Virgo – CONFIDENT way of communicating, so there’s no room for modesty, false or otherwise.
It’s a similar picture in your career. It’s important that you’re confident, that you believe that you’re the best. And in many cases you might have to adopt some kind of leadership role. You think that you’ve got nothing to offer, but in reality you can accomplish a great deal, very quickly.
Towards the end of September the Sun, while moving through Virgo, makes a stressful, 180-degree aspect to Jupiter, across the main axis of your solar chart. As a result of this aspect you might do something stupid, that’s completely out of character. Perhaps there’ll be a surprise event, and you won’t be sure how to respond… and when you do respond, you might do the wrong thing. So it’ll be important that you keep your cool, especially between September 20 and September 22.
During the last week of September the emphasis shifts to money. You’re tempted to spend money to make everyone happy, but really, that’s not a good idea. You have to put yourself first, but in such a way that doesn’t seem unfair to other people. It’s a difficult balance, but I’m sure that you can handle it.

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