Scorpio September 2010

At the beginning of September you’re feeling unsure of yourself. You know that there are things to do, but you’re not sure how to get the show on the road.
However there’s no need to panic – things are definitely changing, in a favourable direction.
During the first week of September there’s probably not much that has to be done. Just be yourself, and if you want to hang out with your friends, that’s fine.
On September 8 things start to change. For one thing there’s a New Moon. For another thing the planet Venus moves into your star sign.
This New Moon heralds some important changes in your social life. You’ll be meeting new people, who are very supportive of your fundamental needs. At the same time, you might realise that in the past some of your friends had been holding you back, and preventing you from achieving your full potential.
Venus’ sign change is even more significant. It stays in Scorpio until early November, and over the next couple of months you’ll be very charismatic – and it’s the kind of charisma that’s based on emotional power.
So it’s hardly surprising that your love life can take off in a big way, and if you meet someone nice there could be real fireworks. Your intense, Scorpio magnetism is difficult to resist!
However don’t forget your spirituality. On September 9 or 10 Mars, your ruler, is aspecting Neptune. You’ll be looking for something that transcends your everyday experience, that gives your life new meaning. While there’s plenty of scope for confusion, if you stay sober you can create for yourself a powerful set of experiences.
On September 14 or 15 Mars, your ruler, moves into Scorpio, and it stays in Scorpio until the end of next month. Now that Venus and Mars are both in this sign, there’ll be further improvements in your love life, and if you’re already in a relationship, it’ll be you calling the shots.
In terms of other kinds of partnership, your position will become very strong, and it’s a time when you can definitely take the initiative.
However from a career angle there are certain things that have to be kept secret, at least from September 23 onwards. If the whole world knew about your plans then you’d never get anywhere!

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