Cancer September 2010

A bit of short-distance travelling may be required, especially at the beginning of the month. There’s something that you need to get hold of, that’s important for your future.
It might seem trivial, but I can assure you that it’s not.
You also need to give some consideration to your potential. You might recently have been underestimating yourself, and it’s now time to show the world what you’re capable of doing. So you need to consider your fundamental talents, and work out how you can make the most of them.
However you have to understand that to be creative you have to be emotional – especially as you’re a Cancerian! You must engage with what you’re doing, a hundred percent, and you mustn’t worry what other people are thinking. Some things just can’t be compromised.
On a different note, in September Cancerians need to give some consideration to their spirituality. This is because on September 8 or 9 the planet Jupiter moves from Aries to Pisces, where it stays until the beginning of next year.
In the Cancerian horoscope the sign Pisces is strongly associated with spirituality, and you have a chance to align yourself to some higher power, and in the process discover your true destiny.
The sign Pisces can also be connected with travel, and over the next few months you’ll have a change to go somewhere different. Perhaps, in your current location, you’re not able to make the most of your potential, and you need a change of scene?
As far as your love life is concerned, I’m not convinced that September is going to be a great month. If you’re already in a relationship you might find that your partner’s on edge, and is unable to give you their undivided attention. And it’ll be important that you don’t get upset – loved ones are going through a phase, that needs to be respected rather than criticised.
If you’re a single Cancerian, then it’s important that you don’t try to be someone who you’re not. Be true to yourself, and don’t try to hide your feelings. If someone’s right for you, they’ll find your honesty attractive rather than repellent.
On September 23 there’s a Full Moon, which hits the Midheaven axis of your solar chart. Your attitude to your career might change. Perhaps you’ll realise that you’ve been doing something wrong, and that changes are required. Or you might have to make alterations to your home-work balance. Then by the following New Moon, on October 7, you’ll be ready to put theory into practice.

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