Aquarius September 2010

Saturn, your ruling planet, is now firmly established in Libra. Over the next few years it will become clear that whatever you’re doing, it has to be for a reason.
It’s the kind of reason that goes beyond the confines of material reality, and stretches far and wide, into a spiritual and philosophical dimension.
And as you move into the last part of 2010, you might realise that you need to do some travelling. There are things you need, and they’re not available in your immediate environment. You might, in certain circumstances, have to go to the other side of the world to find what you’re looking for!
While all this is going on, your feelings are going to be more powerful than usual, and you’ll be surprisingly sensitive. Indeed it’s quite possible that you can read people’s minds. So make sure that you use your knowledge wisely!
On September 8 there’s a New Moon. This New Moon marks a period of time, lasting a couple of weeks, when there could be financial complications. These complications may not directly affect you, but you can’t remain distant from the situation. You have to engage with what’s going on, and be on hand to provide advice. Bear in mind also that chaos can spread – one person’s financial problem can become your problem as well.
From a career point of view, it seems that there’ll be lots of people to deal with. However in many cases these people won’t be to your taste. Maybe they’ll be too emotional. Or there’ll be something about them that you just don’t trust.
But whatever the situation, you’ve got the strength to deal with it – especially from the middle of the month onwards, when Mars moves into the career sector of your solar chart. You’ll become very assertive, and if you tell people what to do they’re unlikely to complain.
As far as relationships are concerned, I’m not convinced that it’s a brilliant month, but don’t feel that you’re being singled out… pun not intended. Very few of the twelve signs are going to have much romantic joy, because it’s just not that kind of month. However right at the end of the month the Sun starts making a conjunction to Saturn, and it’s possible that someone starts taking an interest in you. Yet you’re unlikely to return the favour… you might not even notice that someone else is interested in you.

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