Capricorn September 2010

At the end of July Saturn moved into Libra, and you should now be feeling the impact of this sign change. You’re starting to feel very much in control, and you’re ready to take big steps forward in your career.
However you can’t expect your progress to be entirely smooth. There could be a series of major struggles, with high stakes. And in terms of competitive situations, you must remember that position isn’t everything – there’s also the clock to consider. The other person might be close to victory, but if you keep playing they’ll run out of time. It’s a war of nerves, and you can slow down every second, to your advantage.
As far as your career is concerned, Venus moves into Scorpio on November 8. I’m not sure if this is a good thing. Venus doesn’t work very well in Scorpio, and you might find that the people you’re working with are difficult to deal with. They probably won’t be honest with you, in the sense that they’ll keep their feelings to themselves. Which could make interacting with them next to impossible.
Under these circumstances, it’s important not to expect too much. If you’re working in a team be happy with small gains and if you feel annoyed try to keep it to yourself.
On September 8 there’s a New Moon. As a result of this New Moon you’ll be turning your mind to new horizons. You might be a down to earth Capricorn, but you realise that there’s more to life than surface appearances, and that the spiritual dimension must always be considered.
The New Moon also raises the possibily of travel. Perhaps there’s somewhere you need to visit, the sooner the better? It’ll be a journey that’s good for you, but don’t count on it being pleasurable.
In the week or two following the New Moon there could be big improvements in your career. You’ll find it easy to communicate, and once people understand your message they’ll be happy to follow your lead. So if you’ve got a good idea, you mustn’t be shy about it.
As far as your love life is concerned, it takes a long time for things to pick up, and I would therefore suggest that you don’t get your hopes up, at least not until the last week of the month, when the Sun moves from libra to Libra. Even then, if you do meet someone, who presses the right buttons, you should consider the possibility that in the long-run he or she will be an exhausting waste of time.
A down note to end this month’s horoscope, but you’re a Capricorn, you can handle it. Besides, in late September career and business are going to be far more important than the pedestrian delights of love and romance.

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