What is the Ascension Plan Going Forward?

What is the Ascension Plan Going Forward?

Love 87384We now have a number of sources, both through InLight Radio and from other channels, who’ve addressed the question of what occurred on Dec. 21, 2012 and what lies ahead as we move from the middle of Ascension toward its end. Details are not as ample as we might prefer, but perhaps we should look at what details are available at this time.

The Universal Mother is the author of the overall Divine Plan, which includes the plan for our Ascension. She assured us on Feb. 4, 2013 that we were already well into the process of Ascension whether we’re entirely aware of what has taken place till now or not.

“Your Ascension is assured. And each of you are already well within that process. And whether you are acknowledging the shift in realities or not, you are upon a planet, my sentient Gaia, who has anchored herself in the 5th.

“Therefore, whether you are choosing to acknowledge it or not, your being and the ability to access and to expand into that beingness is already primarily anchored in a different dimensional reality.” (1)

Later in the program she again referred to the shift that Gaia had made: “I say to thee, you are on a planet that has shifted to the 5th. So let go of the hologram [of the 3rd].” (2)

The fact that there has been an adjustment in the plan did not cancel it, she said.

“It did not cancel my plan. My beloved humans and angels and starseeds and Earth keepers, I am afraid you are not capable of canceling my plan. Do I have the capacity to arrange an infinite number of variables to adjust to your request? Of course I do. And I have, and I am.” (3)

I’ll leave it to Archangel Michael, below, to discuss the adjustment in the plan in more detail.
She acknowledged our “dismay or disappointment or discouragement that certain things have not occurred on December 21st, 2012.” She said that full restoration was not in the distant future: “We are not talking 26,000 years or 10 years or 20 years.” (4)

Referring to Linda’s request that dates not be discussed, she added: “I honor the soul contract that this channel has set forth to not deal with dates and time, but I do suggest to you, this is not an elongated process.”

Instead, she explained, “your Ascension is underway. … Do not simply throw away the idea that you are ascending. You are in the middle of this.” (5)

She reminded us that, even though the plan was adjusted, the galactics were working with us to raise our vibrations.

“So, has there been adjustment? Yes. Are the galactics working with you? More so than ever. But, again, you are raising the vibration of the collective. So it is in harmony with your star brothers and sisters. You are raising the vibration so that your systems are more reflective, completely reflective, of who you really are.” (6)

She called upon us to allow our awareness to expand to take in that shift in our being.

“I am asking of you that you allow that awareness of expansion, of consciousness, of heart-centered consciousness, of love, to blossom and to live within you and around you.” (7)

Archangel Michael filled in many of the blanks about what had and had not transpired on 21/12/12 and predicted that full restoration of consciousness would occur within a matter of months.

None of us has very much of a taste left for dates and so I did not press him on exactly how many months. Many dates have been missed and we know that.

Archangel Michael discussed the ascension process in a personal reading I had with him on Dec. 26, 2012. He began by saying that we were no longer anchored in the old Third Dimension: “I would suggest to you you are not grounded in the old Third. You are having an experience of physicality but it is not what you think of as the old Third.” (8)

He indicated that the human collective had asked that the process of Ascension be slowed down so that more than the anticipated 30 percent could ascend. At first he asked me to keep this figure confidential, but Sanat Kumara later released it publicly on An Hour with an Angel so the need to keep it confidential appears to have been removed.

Archangel Michael: As you know, in our private channelings, we have indicated to you a percentage of what we would anticipate would fully ascend on the Solstice. Think of it as a family decision, saying, slow down, because we all want to come. The plan has still need to go forward with great rapidity, by the way. But we will slow down so that we can accommodate everybody [who wants to ascend, that is.] 

Steve: OK.

AAM: So what you are doing is literally holding the door open. So that is exactly what has transpired.

So rather than a very small, about a third ascending, many going to a holographic Earth, a few going to an alternate universe, think of it as pushing the pause button, but even as you know, that even as the pause button is pushed, there is still recording activity. It is not that you enter no time.

So what has taken place in this what you can think of as pause, is the old third has taken its form fully as a holograph, on the outer rim, rather than separate from Gaia, she has allowed this, many are still looking outward at that holograph. It is just that, although much of life is a holograph, as you have pointed out.

And the collection is being made so that all may shift into the new form and this is being made possible not only by us who have pushed the pause button, but by each of you. You say but we are not conscious of this. But your soul is most certainly conscious of this and that is why you are so anxious. (9)

He said that we were in the middle of the Ascension process.

Archangel Michael: You are in the middle of Ascension.

Steve: Now how would you describe the beginning and how would you describe the middle and how would you describe the end?

AAM: I would describe the beginning over a year ago as we began these conversations, as people began the clearing, as they were riding the troughs and the waves. That was the beginning of this journey. The middle has been the opening of what you think of in human dates as 11/11/12 – 21/12/12. This is the middle. It is the opening of the floodgates. …

The end is the when the full restoration, the complete restoration and the jubilation, the full restoration of vision and the knowing of your interdimensional self is fully there. Now it is already there for some of you. It is coming by degrees. (10)

Archangel Michael told us that “you are being flooded [with energy]. That is why you are feeling so much.” (11)  I’ve been reporting on the exhaustion that I and other members of the Nova Earth team are experiencing at the moment. I’d imagine it’s part of this flooding of energy.

Archangel Michael joked about the missed dates on the radio show but then said that full restoration would happen in a matter of months.

Archangel Michael: You ask me for a date. And I do not give you one. Because I do have a terrible track record, do I not?

Steve: Hah! Ha ha ha ha. Yes, Lord.

AAM: But I am telling you it is not indefinite. It is not years. We are not talking hundreds of years or thousands of years. We are talking a human process that is well underway.

S: Are we talking about weeks? Are we talking about months?

AAM: We are talking about months.

S: Months? Months? Oh, my gosh, that is a long time.

AAM: But it is not because there will be a lot happening in the interim. (12)
This then is the case as Archangel Michael laid it out.

Geoff West interviewed Gaia on An Hour with an Angel and she said that “it is an overstatement, if I can put it that way, for you to say that Ascension has been delayed. It is in process. It is unfolding like the flowers of spring.”

“What you are talking about is the Ascension of the human race. Now, what I have said to thee — and I understand fully, perhaps more than many of you — I am in the 5th dimension, and therefore, my beloved angels, so are you.

“Are you catching up to the changes? Are you working on this as a unified whole? Yes, you are. But it is my movement that is also catapulting and participating and affecting this nuclear chain reaction within the other planets.

“So, it is not solely dependent on you. So the answer to your question is no. This delay in human Ascension, this slowing down and elongating the process, has not slowed me down, or your universe. That is why the increase in your frequencies, particularly when you are saying ‘I allow,’ is happening so rapidly. (12)

Gaia, whom the Divine Mother told us is an archangel, (13) also emphasized that the Ascension process not take decades or centuries.

“It is an overstatement, if I can put it that way, for you to say that Ascension has been delayed. It is in process. It is unfolding like the flowers of spring.

“What you are talking about is the Ascension of the human race. Now, what I have said to thee — and I understand fully, perhaps more than many of you — I am in the 5th dimension, and therefore, my beloved angels, so are you.

“Are you catching up to the changes? Are you working on this as a unified whole? Yes, you are. But it is my movement that is also catapulting and participating and affecting this nuclear chain reaction within the other planets.

“So, it is not solely dependent on you. So the answer to your question is no. This delay in human Ascension, this slowing down and elongating the process, has not slowed me down, or your universe. That is why the increase in your frequencies, particularly when you are saying ‘I allow,’ is happening so rapidly.

“So I, as a sentient being, am not looking at centuries, so don’t you. Don’t even look at decades.” (14)

Referring to full restoration, she reassured us that “I do not underestimate your ability to complete this Ascension with me completely.” (15) Sanat Kumara also did not give an exact date (and we did not ask him) but said:

“Now, I have heard, and I hear, you out there saying, ‘Oh, great. What are we looking at? Ten years? A hundred years? A thousand years?’

“And I say, no, you are not. The changes are already underway.” (16)

I think there’s more to the matter of dates than AAM simply being poor on dates, but I’m willing to let the matter rest and find out why their track record has been so poor later.

Sanat Kumara revealed that the Company of Heaven did not warn us that we would not all ascend on Dec. 21 because that would have (and here I interpret his remark) lost us the momentum that was building.

“So why did we not warn you that you might be disappointed? Because the energy, the forward thrust of what you were creating together with us, was so strong that we had no desire, particularly in the unfoldment of the Mother’s plan, to say, ‘Wait a minute, and stop. Let us take time out and breathe.’ Because that would have … hmm … you have a saying, ‘put a wrench in the works.’” (17)

Sanat Kumara made reference to the human collective having expressed a wish that more ascend as a second reason for not warning us that full ascension would not take place on 21/12/12.

“So we did not warn you. We did not purposely set you up, because frankly it was not anticipated that the human collective would respond as open and generously and as loving as you have. Even I, as planetary logos, did not anticipate an application of the universal laws of love so completely or rapidly. So rather than creating — and us creating with you; let us be very clear about that — rather than us creating divisions, it is being done collectively.” (18)

He acknowledged that “many will choose a wait-and-see attitude. And in some ways this puts actually more onus upon the lightworkers, light-holders, love-holders that continue on. Because the effort of shifting an entire planet of people is beyond imagination.” (19)

Some people may feel comforted if we look at sources other than those who have spoken to us through InLight Radio, to see if there is agreement. Let’s do that here.

Matthew Ward commented on the difficulty of giving an exact date for full Ascension. On Jan. 19, 2013, he too said that free will entered into the matter:

“We don’t know how long it will be before Earth is joyfully back home where the planet and its soul, Gaia, originated. It is logical to ask, since we knew when the planet would exit third density, why don’t we know when it will reach its destination? …

“Earth’s ascension to this point was predestined so she would reach the narrow celestial window when the planetary alignment would enable her to enter fourth density. Now that she is in this density, where darkness cannot assault her with its negativity, her journey henceforth is within a safe harbor, so to say, where are no ‘time’ constrictions.

“Just as before—always!—her residents’ journeys depends upon the choices each makes, and the cumulative choices make up the collective consciousness. So, it is your thoughts, passionate feelings and actions that will set Earth’s pace from now on. Whether that is happily humming through fourth density or soaring like an eagle, Gaia is jubilant—the exceptionally difficult leg of the ascension is over!” (20)

Archangel Michael through Ron Head said that “as you move deeper and deeper into the uplifting energies, you will know beyond doubt that, at least for yourselves, ascension is indeed in progress.” (21)

He reminded us of each individual’s free will: “Now, how an individual human may react to it is a matter of choice. That is true. But in the longer run, we promise you that far more will choose the high road than choose the low.” (22)

He suggested that more work remained for us to do:

“There is still a bit of work left for you, is there not? But we suggest that the finding of, and healing of, the last little bits is becoming easier and easier.

“There are many, many lightworkers who are now more than prepared to help each other upon the way, enough we assure you, to take care of all those who will eventually begin to turn to you for aid.” (23)

The Arcturian Group also commented on the progress of the Ascension process. They began their message by encouraging us “in your journey of enlightenment and ascension into the new energies you are now receiving.” (24) They said that these energies were catapulting us into the realization of unity.

“The powerful energy shift and ascension process taking place at this time is moving mankind more deeply into a realization of oneness. It is a shift from metaphysics (trying to change a bad picture into a good picture through various tools) into mysticism (the realization that within the ONE there can be nothing needing to be changed).” (25)

For the Arcturian Group, this realization of oneness IS Ascension.

“There comes a time in everyone’s, (teacher and student), evolutionary journey when he shifts into a realization of oneness. This may come in an instant after lifetimes of spiritual seeking, or it may be a slow and gradual process. This is ascension, the attainment of that state of consciousness that realizes everything

Real is perfect and held in place by Divine law and that ONE is ever manifesting ITSELF as… What you ‘see is what you get’ as the saying goes… Your state of consciousness is interpreting for you, the divine ideas embodied within the One.” (26)

The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie also acknowledghed our disappointment that we did not wake up on Dec. 22, 2012 and find all of us fully on the Fifth Dimension.

“We Galactics are aware that many of you, especially those who have worked very hard toward the moment when ALL would be ascended, are struggling with life appearing the same.

“We know that you were eager to find yourself instantly transported to a higher reality, consciously perceive us landing among you, turning on your television to see the announcement of the release of the many hidden patents, or the actuality of NESARA.” (27)

They say that our higher consciousnesses made a request that we be the conscious creators of Nova Earth and this request was being honored.

“You, the Unity Consciousness of Gaia, want to cross the finish line on your own. …
“Your Unity Consciousness has chosen to be the conscious creators of New Earth.
“Your long sojourn through physical Earth has taught you to be independent within the collective. Those who have become loving leaders because of your personal resolve to help others. Therefore, just as we have been silently helping our Ascending Ones, you have passed that gift along to help others who cannot perceive us.

“The fact is that the Collective Consciousness of Earth has chosen to unite with your Higher Expressions before inviting us into your world. You, our Ascending Ones, realize that you want to ‘do it on your own.’ Just as a child learns to ride a bicycle by their parent holding onto to the back and does not realize that their parent has let go, many of you have not realized that we let go of your Ascension because you have found your own balance.” (28)

The Company of Heaven gives us their assurance that they are accompanying us each step of the journey. The Divine Mother says:“You are accompanied by many including your star brothers and sisters, far beyond what even you can imagine.” (29)

Matthew Ward also tells us “we continue accompanying you, albeit unseen, every step of the way.” (30)

So this is the picture at this point in time (Feb. 18, 2013) going forward. We’re at the midpoint of Ascension and will reach full restoration in a matter of months. We’re partially anchored on the Fifth Dimension now with our faces still turned towards the Third. But we’re gradually awakening to our Ascension and will have the help of the Company of Heaven at every step along the rest of the way.


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