Virgo November 2011

Venus square all Virgo decans this month does increase the need for love and affection which should go well but there may be a little friction if you don’t get so much back in return. If you have to go to work it may be difficult to get into the groove because you would rather be lazing around enjoying yourself. You may have a selfish attitude at the moment which others will pick up on and give you a hard time about, but you really couldn’t care anyway. You would rather not get involved in any dramas, and prefer to to indulge yourself in non-productive, though rather enjoyable pursuits.

Overindulgence with money is something to be careful of at this time as racking up unnecessary debt on the credit card is a real temptation. For decan 1 this Venus transit lasts from November 2 – 10, for decan 2 from November 11 – 17, and for decan 3 between November 18 – 26.

For decan 1 only, the solar eclipse on November 25 is also square Virgo. This can represent a crisis in confidence because of challenges from events or from other people, most often from men or bosses, teachers etc. They are testing your and your goals, forcing you to justify your very identity and what you are doing. Your ego is on on the line, coming under pressure from others through arguments or challenges to your authority. This may well be a reaction on their part, as they feel it is you are being too pushy in asserting your will over them. This is not a favorable time for getting your way, certainly not if you don’t want to upset others and cause stress to yourself and add extra tension to important relationships. The effect of this eclipse may last into early 2012

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