Scorpio July 2011

Scorpio July 2011: "Extreme planetary patterns challenge you to stay on course this month. The first storm that stirs up deep emotional waves is the security-conscious Cancer New Moon Eclipse on July 1. This Solar Eclipse in your 9th House of Future Vision could raise fears about your long-term plans. Its dynamic square with solemn Saturn might discourage you from taking too great a risk yet also force you to make a critical decision.

But erring on the side of caution isn’t the answer, either, for a rainbow-chasing Jupiter-Chiron sextile on July 2 might actually deliver on the promise of a pot of gold. Irrepressible hope continues to blow things out of proportion until Mars trines reasonable Saturn on July 6. But it’s still difficult for you to rein in your ambition when optimistic Jupiter harmoniously trines irrefutable Pluto on July 7.
The emotional intensity continues to wash over you through July 8 and then eases up on the 9th. The socially contractive Venus-Saturn square on July 13 can be yet another reversal of fortune in a month-long ride on the tumultuous seas of change.

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