Libra July 2011

Libra July 2011: "There’s big planetary noise in your 10th House of Career this month. You might have a showdown with an authority figure, see a job shift, or jump to an entirely different line of work. Changes are signaled by the normally cautious Cancer New Moon on July 1, which is a highly aspected Solar Eclipse. Stressful squares from rebellious Uranus and repressive Saturn intensify pressures that you can’t manage by playing it safe.

Fierce Pluto’s opposition to this New Moon tightens the screws, forcing you to radically remake things where you are or to consider heading off in a new direction. Nevertheless, the instinct to seek safety is fed by Venus entry into self-protective Cancer on July 4. Don’t retreat from bold ideas; simply execute them with a strategically laid-out plan.
The first of three trines between opportunistic Jupiter and powerful Pluto on July 7 is another driving force for professional change. Pluto stokes a desire for more in your 4th House of Roots and supports Jupiter’s long-range vision in your 6th House of Work. These aspects return on October 28 and March 13, 2012, as rising waves of encouragement for occupational transformation.

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