Capricorn August 2011

Capricorn August 2011: "For Capricorn1st and 2nd decans, MARS opposite Capricorn in August presents a challenge you have to overcome in order to achieve a certain goal or simply to to be yourself. The energy of Mars has been building up inside and you have a great need to act, to make something happen. Unfortunately this energy is not balanced, it is hard to contain or to express safely. Anger and frustration are likely as other people stand in your way or directly oppose your will.

This is a difficult time to fully achieve what you want but you can win if your objectives are noble not threatening to other people. Otherwise the opposition you receive will make compromise necessary. You have to choose your battles careful now, perhaps a tactical retreat is better in the long run. All types of relationships can be strained at the moments but especially in close love partnerships. Again, some compromise and subduing of your ego may be needed to keep this peace. Sex and other physical activity now can relieve the tension but over-exertion or risk-taking should be avoided. For 1st decan this is from August 3 to 18, for 2nd decan from August 19 to 31.

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