Leo December 2010

Leo December 2010: "It’s a time of year when your sense of humour is on good form, and you can make things happen in a big way. So whatever you’re doing, it’s important that you don’t doubt yourself. With a few carefully targeted jokes, you can get people onto your side, and whatever your targets, there’s no reason why you can’t achieve them.

Also, it’s not a time to be modest. You’ve got some amazing skills, and once you get them out into the open you’ll get immediate recognition. So if you’ve got any musical, theatrical or literary skills, it’s essential that you don’t keep them to yourself. And remember, what you yourself regard as being ordinary could be regarded as inspired genius by another person.
If you really feel that you haven’t got any talents, don’t worry. On December 5 there’s a New Moon, in the creativity sector of your solar chart, and you can start developing a brand new skill. It might be something outside your normal experience, but that doesn’t matter. After a few months of learning and practising you’ll start seeing the benefits."

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