Virgo December 2011

Venus trine all Virgo Decans this December helps makes everything in your world seem beautiful. You feel beautiful and easy going, life flows smoothly with few cares or worries. Your loving attitude means that people respond with kindness and affection, all social activities are favored. At work you can even expect better relations with the boss and co-workers. Your more relaxed attitude is likely to have a calming influence on the people around you so you can bask in more admiration and popularity.

These days should bring harmony and balance especially in close relationships, allowing you to enjoy work and play and get along with everybody without even trying. An ideal time for hosting or attending parties or just relaxing. This is also a favorable time for finances, for buying nice things of beauty and personal care, and also for artistic appreciation and trying your hand at something creative. For decan 1 this lasts from November 27 to December 4, for decan 2 from December 5 to 12, and for decan 3 from December 13 to 20. Virgo decan 2, you lucky ducks, you not only get mushy love from Venus but also red hot Mars action in your decan for all of December. Mars conjunct Sun gives a tremendous increase in ego drive, a strong urge to get what you want regardless of what other people may think. You are much more self assertive than usual and this is tempered by Venus which should help you get what you want without too much opposition from others. You can achieve a lot with this energy if you channel it constructively. Physical activity is especially favored so competing hard to win in team or individual contests is ideal to express this fiery energy.

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