Taurus November 2011

For Taurus decan 1 only, you have Mars trine your Sun from November 10 – December 3. Mars will give an increase in energy levels, self confidence and sexual desire that that is well balanced and not aggressive or threatening to other people. This is a most favorable time to achieve your desires and to reach your goals because in all your relationships, love and professional, people warm to you and admire your directness and confidence. You know what you want and have the extra energy to go after it with a very good chance of getting it. This is a great time to initiate new projects in your personal life and career as you meet little opposition and even gain assistance, especially from men.

It is also most favorable for all physical activities like exercise and competitive sports. Your sexual desires are also high now as is your sexual attractiveness which fires up existing love relationships, or makes finding a new love easier now than at other times.

Decans 2 and 3 will feel the November 10 full moon on your Sun which shall for the following two weeks. This may be difficult because your ego and your will may get in the way of achieving what you want. You may feel like you are banging your head against a brick wall because other people just don’t make things easy for you. They appear to oppose your efforts and challenge who you are, so you have to fight to express your true identity and to reach your goals.

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