Taurus December 2011

All Taurus decans have Venus making the harmonious trine aspect to your Sun during December. This will make you appreciate the beauty around you and help make you feel and look beautiful. You are likely to take a more relaxed approach to life and your interactions with others should flow more smoothly with less stress to worry about. Your friendly and more caring nature will be repayed with kindness and affection from those around you and all sorts of social activities are favored, and even interactions with bosses and others at work go well. You have a calming influence on the people around you which wins you admiration and popularity.

A very balanced time when you can enjoy work and play and get along with everybody without even trying. Ideal for parties or relaxing, love relationship and money matters go well, and your appreciation of all things beautiful make being creative most worthwhile. For decan 1 this lasts from November 27 to December 4, for decan 2 from December 5 to 12, and for decan 3 from December 13 to 20. Taurus decan 1 only has a very good aspect from the New Moon on December 24. The trine aspect from this New Moon signals a month ahead of inner balance and more harmonious relationships. You should feel more relaxed and calm because the two sides of your brain are working together, the conscious and the subconscious, or the will and the feelings. All areas of life should flow smoothly and you should not have to deal with too many obstacles or competition from bone heads.

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