Capricorn December 2011

Hooray, all Capricorn decans have Venus, the planet of love and money going through your sign this December. This lets you fully express your love nature and creativity. You feel beautiful and this is radiated so you attract beautiful people and things. An excellent time for giving and receiving love and affection, spending time with loved ones and socializing with friends. Also favored is hosting are attending parties, and as Venus rules money this should be a good time financially. Spend some money on yourself by getting a makeover, buying clothes or jewelry.

Relationships especially with the opposite sex should go well because of your attractive energy, and if your are on the market then your chances are good for finding someone special. For decan 1 this lasts from November 27 to December 4, for decan 2 from December 5 to 12, and for decan 3 from December 13 to 20. For decan 1, happy birthday! You get a bonus with the December 24 New Moon in your decan so the celebration can last for a few weeks this year. Time to make your own special new years resolution and begin putting them into action. Look upon this New Moon as a new start, it is the perfect time to turn your back on negative habits and the extra energy and self confidence will help you on your way to a healthier and happier lifestyle and personal relationships. You will be able to shone and express your true identity more comfortably. New Moons generally indicate the right time to start new projects, and this is especially true for you this month. Capricorn decan 2 only has a sexy Mars trine all December. Mars trine Sun gives an increase in energy levels, self confidence and sexual desire that that is well balanced and not aggressive or threatening to other people.

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