Aries November 2011

As you start the month of November, it feels as if you are disciplined and in control, and there are excellent conditions for creative partnership, which helps you promote your professional image. Around about Monday 7th however, if expectations are too high, then disappointment is just around the corner. Perhaps you will not be able to deliver everything you promise, or perhaps you just lose focus.
So when your sign ruler Mars moves into industrious Virgo on November 11th a new epoch starts which in fact will not be complete before next July. What this period requires from you is cooperation, planning and practical results, and any projects you start on now are unlikely to be complete before next summer, so make allowances for that in your planning. You don’t have to worry, you are entering a really productive and successful period, and you will surprise yourself with your efficiency!

From: http://ping.fm/yo0Hp

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