Gemini October 2011

All Gemini decans get Mars sextile their Sun this month increasing self confidence and energy levels, and also your magnetic attractiveness to others. This enables you to go after your desires, to get what you want without having to face much opposition. An ideal time to push ahead in business or at work to climb up the ladder. You can take the initiative and start projects with a high probability of success because you give it your all and people will take notice. If you have a pet project or cause you feel strongly about, this is the ideal time to promote it.

The attractive energy you radiate at this time means that sexual relations with a love partner are most rewarding, and if on the market, then go for it! For Gemini decan 1 this lasts between September 19 – October 5, decan 2 from October 6 – 22, and for decan 3 this transit lasts from October 23 to Novemeber 10.

Decans 2 and 3 get a trine from Mercury from October 1 – 12, which is most favorable as your thoughts are in harmony with your intentions. These thoughts and ideas flow easily into words to make conversations pleasant and fruitful. A good time to plough through paperwork with ease as your mind in on the ball, and this also applies to clearing the backlog on the email or any to-do list. Because you express yourself so clearly and smoothly, this is the ideal time to negotiate a better deal in any area of life, in business or at work, or in personal relationships. You could also play an important role as a mediator if there has been any difficulties between friends or family lately.

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