Gemini July 2011

Gemini July 2011: "Money muscles its way into the picture this month with plenty of planetary activity in your 2nd House of Income. The most important event is a Solar Eclipse on July 1 that falls in your 2nd House. Normally, this New Moon in security-conscious Cancer would remind you to manage your cash flow more carefully. This particular lunation, however, is also a powerful eclipse that can radically alter your financial picture.

The eclipse sends conflicting messages as it opposes penny-pinching Pluto and squares safety-seeking Saturn and freedom-loving Uranus. If you have a dream of gold and glory and a strategy to make it happen, now’s the time to give it serious consideration. If not, it may be wise to develop more conservative spending habits.
Magnetic Venus’s entry into your 2nd House on July 4 can tempt your vanity by enticing you to buy the latest fashion or gadget. You may, though, find more value in restoring a cherished object you already own or developing one of your creative talents.

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