Aries July 2011

Aries July 2011: "The past returns with a vengeance this month, requiring you to address plenty of unfinished business. This complicates your live-in-the-moment life, yet the weight of these unresolved matters may have been slowing you down for years.
The pivotal event is the Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse on July 1, which falls in your 4th House of Home and Family. Its opposition to purging Pluto may create stress in your household or awaken a desire to move. Don’t shy away from looking deeply within yourself; even if you face doubt or shame, the rewards you’ll eventually find in security, personal power, and inner peace are more than worth the price.

Fortunately, a trio of planets entering bold Leo and your 5th House of Self-Expression leavens this emotionally challenging work with a healthy dose of humor and creativity. Clever Mercury pops into this playful part of your chart on July 2 to enhance your communications with confidence and imagination. The Sun warms your heart with its entry on July 23, and artistic and alluring Venus polishes your self-image and tickles you with intriguing possibilities starting on July 28.

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